Dr Dan van der Horst

Senior Lecturer, Environment, Energy & Society

Research and Interesrs

Dan van der Horst is a Senior Lecturer in Environment, Energy & Society. Focusing on scarce resources in crowded spaces, his interests include the governance of multifunctionality and shared value, and the tools, practices and politics of resource allocation and conflict management.  Dan has received funding from ESRC, NERC and EPSRC and various EU funds for his research on social entrepreneurs in renewable energy, siting controversies and energy landscapes, the water-energy-food nexus, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation for small scale farmers adopting energy crops. He is currently involved in an EU project on renewable energy and landscape quality and an EPSRC project on the use of serious games in household energy management. He is director of the UK wide research network on Transforming Energy Demand Through Digital Innovation (TEDDINET).